Djokovic Falls Ahead Of Musetti In Atp Montecarlo

Djokovic falls ahead of Musetti in ATP Montecarlo

Musetti earned a place in the quarterfinals of the ATP Masters 1000 in Monte Carlo by defeating Novak Djokovic 4-6, 7-5, 6-4 in two hours of play.

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A duel between two great clay court players, one of whom is currently ranked number one, Djokovic and other young Italians musette. They had already met three times, and all were held by the Serbs, but only one of the games was on clay. If the Italian forced a fifth game at Roland Garros to become number one.

Djokovic suffers after a tough fight

The first set started with both players focusing on their serves without giving any chance to break. ANDIn the fourth game, when the Serb succeeded with a break point and used it to get ahead. However, the Italian did not give up and managed to break Djokovic’s serve in the next game. Despite this, Musetti continued to be unreliable with his passing, just 50% on first-offers, and in the sixth game, Djokovic broke serve again. The Serbian confirmed the break at the end of the set and finished it 5-2.

It looked like the world number one would have an easy way to win the first set as he even had two break chances to end the match, but Musetti showed his superb level and saved both break points. Thanks to Djokovic’s unforced errors and solid tennis, the young Italian managed to break his rival’s serve and make it 5-4. That’s when Djokovic brought out his No. 1 DNA. He came through with several impressive points, hitting brilliant forehands from the back of the court, and managed to break the second to seal the set. 6-4 after 51 minutes of intense play.

A crazy set that eventually takes the Italian

The second set was presented as a reflection of the first, both players very evenly matched and fighting point to point. Both tennis players broke the opponent’s serve even twice in a row, which put the points level at two games a side with neither of them winning their opener. In the middle of this situation, Musetti would have to face problems and complications in his service, but despite everything, he would manage to implement the game and later broke Djokovic’s serve to make it 4-2 in his favor.

However, the Serb did not give up and was quick to break Muset’s serve. A draw again after 8 games and 6 service breaks. The break dance continued non-stop, and both players broke the opponent’s serve three times in a row. Musetti ranked the situation 5-6 and the service would be played to move the match to a third set. In the end, the Italian would have a calmer game and After 40-0, he finished the second set 5-7.

Musetti rises with honor

The third set between Djokovic and Musetti at the Monte Carlo Master 1000 was a real battle. Both players started their serve solidly and managed to win their serves, making the set very close from the start. Despite the interruption caused by rain in the second game of the third set, the match was still very tight and there was no clear winner. By the sixth game, the situation was tied at 3-3 and the tension on the field was palpable.

It was in the seventh set with the Serbian’s serve, when the Italian Musetti managed to break Djokovic’s serve after a spectacular game. Musetti had up to 4 breaks and didn’t lose a single one, confirming his great moment in the match. Djokovic tried to come back at the end, won his next game and forced the Italian to win the match on serve. But the pressure was too much for Musetti, who knew how to stay calm and falls world number one in the third set 4-6.

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