Acosta Boyer Challenger Savannah

Diaz Acosta wins the Savannah Challenger title

Argentine tennis player Facundo Díaz Acosta defeated American Tristan Boyer 6-3, 6-1 after 1 hour 33 minutes of play in the Challenger 75 final in Savannah. In this way, he got the second title of his career at this level.

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Facundo Diaz Acosta He had a year in 2022 where he achieved very good results that put him in the Top 200 and allowed him to play Grand Slam qualifiers. Among them, the champion Coquimbo Challengerand played the final Tiger 1 and Coquimbo 2. In addition, he reached the semi-finals Seville and Villa Maria. His 2023 began in Oceania, where he reached the quarterfinals Noumea and remained one step away as the main value Australian Open. A pulled adductor in South America forced him to end the year in the semifinals Understanding. Then he continued with eight in Buenos Airesloss in Chile opensemi-finals in Santiagofalls in vineyardquality Houston and Sarasotaand eighth Tallahassee. In Savannah, he eliminated Crawford, Echargui, Dougaz and Kypson.

Tristan Boyer He is an American tennis player who was a Top Ten player in Juniors, then decided to attend Stanford and compete in college, and this year he decided to fully dedicate himself to his career. In 2018, he had received an invitation to play in the qualifiers Indian Wells. From 2020 to the beginning of 2023, he played only 20 professional tournaments. This season started with falls Tucumán and Rio Cuartowhose last round in Viña del Mareighth after the previous stage Sarasota and win in Tallahassee. In Savannah, he passed Descotte, Kang, Couacaud, Alves, Krueger and Hemery in the classification.

Facundo imposes authority on himself

Facundo Diaz Acosta and Tristan Boyer They met in the final Challenger 75 Savannah.

The first sleeve was very combative and long lasting. In the first games of the match, there were more than ten points per game. The Argentine managed to find a break to get ahead, but it was very difficult for him to get it and then maintain it as the American fought it. Later, the intensity dropped and both held serve, although Boyer couldn’t find any chances. After escaping from break point, Díaz Acosta brought his explosive forehand down the court, was injured on the return and got 6-3 in 59 minutes.

After a suffocating first round, everything got easier for the Argentine in the second round. Tristan’s level dropped considerably, it was difficult for him to move, fatigue started to play a decisive role and it showed in the points. Adding, without stress and with great authority, Díaz Acosta condemned the title 6-3, 6-1 after 1h33min.

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