Delbonis Mucho Para Dar

Delbonis: «I still have a lot to give»

Federico Delbonis scored his first win at the DOVE MEN+Care Challenger Concepción and later spoke at the press conference. The Argentinian expressed his joy that he was able to return to winning ways and commented that he wants to keep fighting to get back to the level he was at years ago.

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A valuable win in Concepción’s debut

«A win worth a lot. I came from a few very hard months, because of injuries, because I couldn’t find my rhythm. Obviously, winning is always a very good thing. Other than the game not being the best, I think mentally I was able to get it out there and I was able to play a good game from there.

The spiritual meaning of work

«That’s an important part. Today, the parties are decided by details. If you’re there all the time focused, of course it’s very difficult because many factors come into play, pressure from your own side, but the more you participate and focus on what you have to do, the the more chances you have to win.

short-term goals

«I want to take this tournament by tournamentI don’t want to go any further. Today I have this challenge before me. Last year was not a great year for me, it was very difficult, I had many blows, situations that I could not face, things that I could not solve, but I know that I am in a situation that is difficult after many years in the ATP circuit, but I am enthusiastic and have enough energy to give my best to get back to my level«.

Your expectations for the future

«I know I still have a lot to give. Time will tell from now on. If I keep working and doing my best, every day isn’t going to be great, but like today, when things aren’t going quite right, if you’re focused, you can win tough games.»

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