&Quot;Death, Not Yet&Quot;, Says Nick Bollettieri; Family Negates Reports Of His Passing!

«Death, not yet,» says Nick Bollettieri; The family denies reports of his death!

On Sunday, November 20, news broke that Nick Bollettieri, one of tennis’ most renowned coaches, had breathed his last. However, according to the latest information shared by his family members, the 91-year-old man continues to fight for his life.

Sharing an update on Bollettieri’s health, professional tennis player Harry Cicma tweeted: “Nick Bollettieri is still with us on this Earth. Thanks god. His agent and good friend Steve Shulla confirmed…Nick is fighting hard…I sent him a text reminding him how grateful we are for his inspiration and presence.

A reminder to be grateful for every moment.» Meanwhile, in a series of tweets, Sporting Intelligence’s Nick Harris shared: “Many tweets and tennis websites say legendary coach Nick Bollettieri died today after a photo of him looking bad.

I’ve worked with Nick for years and his wife Cindi told me this afternoon, «Nick is still alive and kicking, he’s not ready to call it quits yet.» “Nick is 91 years old and has had the most extraordinary life and well-documented health problems in recent memory.

But report as a fact that he has died before he died? As Nick would say: ‘Holy mackerel!’. ”

Nick Bollettieri’s social media clarification

Confirming this new information was also the statement posted by Nick Bollettieri’s official Instagram handle, which was also tweeted by IMG Academy.

Shared as a story, the statement read: “I would like to reassure everyone that contrary to what you may have read, I am still alive and kicking. There’s not much that can keep this old Italian down for long. I have my family here and many visitors, which makes me very happy!

I love all the messages you send, phone calls and voicemails you leave. I always say, “it’s not easy”, but it sure is worth it. I’m a lucky guy. I wish you the best.» The note was signed simply, «Nick.»

Nick Bollettieri has had a prolific journey as a tennis coach and expert. In 2014, the veteran coach was inducted into the Tennis Hall of Fame in recognition of his contribution to the sport.

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