Cuevas Shang Roland Garros

Cuevas falls to Shang at Roland Garros

The Uruguayan tennis player does not get his first important victory on his way through Paris. Cuevas cannot maintain a good rhythm all the time, so he loses to Juncheng Shang in two sets (6-3, 6-4) after 1h16min of tennis.

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Pablo Cuevas faced the first match corresponding to the new Grand Slam tournament in the French city this May 2023. He did it after debuting in the previous stagewhere he would have to face a Chinese tennis player in the first round Juncheng Shang. The Uruguayan came into this match by facing Jesper de Jong in the first round of the ATP Challenger Tunisia. The Chinese tennis player, on the other hand, came into this match after losing his debut against ATP Challenger Sarasota. Daniel Galan. Indoors against the head there are no precedents between the two tennis playersso this is the first time they have faced each other in an official competition.

Juncheng Shang utilizes global

The match started strongly for Juncheng Shang. The Chinese managed to win the first three sets of the match with a break. At this moment, Pablo Cuevas answered, who took advantage of two consecutive games to tie the break and close the gap in the light. However, the Asian racket would not be sitting on the sidelines, so it would take advantage of the same inertia as its rivals to dominate the luminous 4-2. He would timidly enter the game in the white Cuevas, but it would be of no use. In the end and after taking advantage of his only set point, Juncheng Shang ruled the first set with a resounding 6-3.

The Asian racket confirms its victory

At the start of the second period, Pablo Cuevas would start to command the initial score. The Uruguayan player got the first game of the match. At this time, Juncheng Shang would respond and followed each other with a short victory exchange of hits. He quickly tried to break away from his rival, Shang, who would chain two games in a row with a break.. Cuevas would respond in the same way, who would be in the light 4-3. Finally and after chaining three consecutive games, Juncheng Shang would require some winning rights to leave the situation clear 6-4 in favor and after needing three match points. This confirmed his entry to the next round From the previous stage of the French tournament.

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