Coello Tapia Moyano Gil Doha

Coello and Tapia are invincible

Coello and Tapia will continue their winning streak in 2023 and are already in the quarterfinals of the Doha Premier Padel after defeating Ramiro Moyano and Francisco Gil.

tournament bracket

tournament results

First shift in midfield Prime Minister Padel de Doha faced two couples who arrived with different results. Agustin Tapia and Arturo Coello They came after winning the World Padel Tour in Abu Dhabi and comfortably passing the first round here. Ramiro Moyano and Francisco Gil They came into this affair suffering in their previous match, needing to go three sets to win. The number five pair started as clear favorites to win the game.

Base set

The match began with four players holding their serve, testing the rival pair. Hostilities began soon after, and with Tapia and Coello at 3-2, they took a break that ended the set. The fifth pair on the list started to raise the level, and Moyano/Gil couldn’t keep up and the set was decided a few games later. In a 5-2 situation, history repeated itself when couple twelve couldn’t hold serve and couple five took the set. Tapia and Coello started the match with a 6-2 win.

another set

The second set started the same way, with Ramiro and Xisco trying to hold serve to stay alive in the match. The break came at the same time as the first, 3-2 favorites who started with the advantage again. The pairing of the Argentinian and Cordovan tried to get a counter break, but Coello and Tapia were very solid. This time there was no second break, but Arturo and Agustín calmly walked the rest of the set to win.

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