Casper Ruud Shares Classy Message To Novak Djokovic After Defeat In Turin Final

Casper Ruud shares elegant message to Novak Djokovic after loss in Turin final

Casper Ruud congratulated Novak Djokovic for overcoming all the odds and ending his season on a very high note. Djokovic, 35, had the most challenging season of his career this year. But the final part of the season was outstanding for Djokovic, who made four finals during the indoor tour and also captured three titles.

In the final of the ATP Finals, Djokovic defeated Ruud 7-5 6-3 to win his fifth title of the year. «First of all, congratulations to Novak. I can’t imagine how difficult this year has been for you at times. Congratulations on what you’ve overcome and what you’ve accomplished this year.

It has been nothing but extraordinary. Really, really impressive. Congratulations again for showing everyone that you are still up there, still finishing this year in a great way,» Ruud told Djokovic.

Ruud happy with his year

Ruud didn’t win a big title in 2022 or reach the world No. 1 ranking, but he came very close.

This year, Ruud finished as runner-up at the French Open and US Open, as well as the Masters and ATP finals in Miami. Additionally, Ruud achieved his career-high ranking as No. 2 in the world after the US Open. Although Ruud lost four grand finals this year and came close to becoming world number 1, he felt it was still a very positive season for him.

«I’m very happy with everything I’ve accomplished and how things have turned out for me this year. It’s been great. But I still feel like there’s room for improvement, so I think that’s a good thing.» be happy and know that there is still room for improvement, which is a good thing. I’ve gotten over it compared to my own mind, so I’m really happy about that,» Ruud reflected.

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