Caroline Garcia Reveals Adversity She Overcame Before Impressive Second Part Of 2022

Caroline Garcia reveals the adversity she overcame ahead of impressive 2022 part two


Caroline Garcia admitted she was battling doubts earlier this year as she wondered if she would ever get her best game back. Garcia, who debuted at the WTA Finals in 2017 and achieved her career-high ranking of No. 4 in 2018, had a few seasons where she didn’t garner notable results.

Then, in the second part of the 2022 season, the 29-year-old Garcia amazingly rediscovered his old tennis and started playing great again. Garcia, who has returned to world number 4, captured four titles in the second part of the 2022 season, including a first WTA 1000 title in Cincinnati and a first WTA Finals title.

Additionally, Garcia made her first Grand Slam singles semifinal at the US Open. In March, Garcia suffered a foot injury that kept her sidelined until the French Open.

Caroline Garcia on how she rediscovered her best tennis

“Several times doubts invaded me, I let myself be overwhelmed by the negative.

I questioned the universe, I told myself that perhaps my luck has already passed, that I would never succeed again. I’ve had sleepless nights, binges, cried in my hotel room, cried on tennis courts, [have] been on crutches, cursed, relearned to walk, struggled to find shoes.

I suffered physically and mentally. The injury allowed me to play more freely. I learned to let myself go, to accept my mistakes, the unexpected, to delegate, to trust myself, to follow my instincts. Building day by day, staying positive, confident, with simple goals in mind: be healthy, do my best every day, live in the present moment, and play my game to the fullest, I finished [living] the best season of my career,» Garcia said in a message posted on his Twitter.

In 2023, Garcia will surely aim to win his first Grand Slam singles title and potentially attack the world No. 1 ranking as well.


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