'Carlos Alcaraz Has Paid For His Efforts But...', Says Former Ace

«Carlos Alcaraz has paid for his effort but…», says the former ace

How could it be otherwise, as soon as a new Grand Slam title was consummated for the Serbian tennis player, the congratulations arrived. One of them came from one of her new rivals on tour: Carlos Alcaraz. In addition to reaching 10 crowns at the Australian Open and 22 at Grand Slams, the Serbian tennis player took another prize by regaining his place as number one in the world.

Once again the ATP ranking will begin with the name that has occupied that position the most times. The loser in this scenario is precisely Alcaraz, who will leave his throne vacant after not having been able to play the first ‘big’ of the season due to injury.

The 19-year-old Spaniard took advantage of his Twitter account to send him a message from a distance. “Congratulations to Novak Djokovic on the Australian Open and world number one! Very well deserved! I hope to see you on the court!» Wrote the former leader of the ATP ranking.

The publication was accompanied by a large number of messages from his own fans who invited him to recover and again opt for the first place in the men’s ranking. It should be noted that Djokovic and Alcaraz have only met once on the ATP circuit, which was last year’s semifinal at the Masters 1000 in Madrid, and where the Spaniard took the victory.

This is the first of still many clashes that are expected between these two generational banners of the ‘white sport’. Who do you think will end the 2023 season as number one in the world?

Correa opens up on Alcaraz

Alex Corretja was kind enough to examine the case of Carlos Alcaraz to return soon to court.

For Alex, Carlito has paid for his effort but he will return. «I think the great effort he put in to win the US Open, to become number one in the world, all of that, it’s normal that it takes a lot of energy and it also takes a little bit of time to understand what happens when you’re number one. and expectations

Soon it will be ready again. I don’t think you should be obsessed with being number one in the world. I don’t think your current objective should be to defend this position, because otherwise it would be something else. Not just a pressure, but also an extra weight on your shoulders that you don’t need so young, at that age.»

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