Becker Nadal Competir París

Becker: «I hope that Nadal can at least compete in Paris»

Speaking on the Eurosport Germany podcast, the former German tennis player praised the character of manacor and its importance to tennis and world sport, while he is confident he will recover to play Roland Garros.

It’s a little over two weeks Roland Garrossecond Grand Slam of a year and uncertainty about whether Rafael Nadal finally arrives to defend his title Paris keep going The man from Manacor remains sidelined after suffering a psoas injury in his left leg, sustained four months ago during the last Australian Open.

This has caused him to miss tournaments at one time. Dubai, Indian Wells, Miami, Monte Carlo, Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Rome. Logically, the whole tennis world is waiting for his return to the court as soon as possible, and that this will happen at Roland Garros, the tournament where the Spaniard is the champion and Mr. even 14 trumps. One of those who are counting on this expected return is the German Boris Becker.

on the podcast Eurosport Germany titled ‘Yellow from the ball‘, whose statements are also included in the Spanish edition of this media, Becker noted that he is worried about this uncertainty surrounding the Spanish tennis player’s injury, although he is optimistic about Nadal’s return to Paris. The former German player also praised Manacor’s character and his impact on world sports, considering him an absolute icon.

Concern about Nadal’s injury

«All Nadal fans, myself included, are worried. What happens is he gets hurt. After his injury in Melbourne, it was said that he would return to fitness for the clay court season. That was not the case. If Nadal cancels clay court tournaments in preparation for Roland-Garros, something really bad must have happened. I really hope that I can at least compete in Paris. At least that would be good news.»

That this is not Spain’s last Roland Garros

«If Paris really comes last, that would be bad news for Rafael. Player he always has to decide for himself what his last tournament will be and I sincerely hope that for Rafa it is not this year’s Roland Garros”.

We need more previous matches to reach 100%

«»Like all great players, Rafa needs match experience, something that cannot be achieved in education. You can train for four or five hours, but the excitement, dealing with the spectators and referees, or how to play four or five games in a row… You can only get it in tournament mode.«.

Nadal, sports icon

«Rafa is not a sports hero, but an icon. Has changed the sport of tennis significantly. No one has ever played tennis like Rafael Nadal, let alone as successful. This is also reflected in his attitude. He is one of the fairest players in the world, one of the greatest fighters ever seen. And the fact that he won Wimbledon twice as the «King of Clay» and also excelled in other Grand Slam tournaments shows his unique performance for nearly two decades.

– I still remember the first time he won in Paris with his very exhausting style of play. People said that way of playing was too taxing, that I would never survive in the long run. Yeah, we all make mistakes. He showed us the opposite. He is an absolute icon of the sport.»

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