Becker Alcaraz Prueba Cambio Generacional

Becker: «Alcaraz is proof of a generational change in tennis»

The former German tennis player gave an interview to the British newspaper The Guardian, where he discussed the issues of the new generation of world tennis or the current moment of Novak Djokovic and Emma Raducanu.

The changing of the guard in world tennis is becoming more and more evident. That Carlos Alcaraz, Holger Rune o Jannik Sinnerthey are all tennis players in their twenties, are ranked first in the world and are already champions Grand Slam o Masters 1,000 seems indisputable proof of this.

That’s what you think Boris Beckerwinner six grand slam tournaments and an example of a precocious tennis player, because hardly 18 year had already won twice Wimbledon. In a newspaper interview Caretakerwho also collects the newspaper LIKE The former German tennis player took to his website to talk about how someone so young has to deal with success, using a British woman as an example. Emma Raducanuwinner US Open 2021 but it hasn’t since come back to look even remotely like the superior version we saw»Flushing meadows‘.

Currently, Raducanu is sidelined after double hand and ankle surgery, and Becker believes that this serious injury could cost him the rest of his career as he is still barely a tennis player. 20 years. About his former students from Serbia Novak Djokovicthe German has no doubts that he is one of the big favorites to win Roland Garrosin addition to praising her personality both on and off the slopes.

Taming success in adolescence

«If I had asked someone in 1985, ‘Can I win Wimbledon?’ the answer would have been ‘no’. And I think 99% of people would have said that It would be impossible to defend that title at the age of 18, But I did it. So good advice is a double-edged sword. I have children and I give them the best advice, but they have to find out what is wrong, what is true and what is not, what is possible and what is impossible.«.

Raducanu’s injury

«I think the surgeries he did are a threat to his career. Surgery on both wrists and then an ankle is hard for such a young girl to endure. Also, tennis is a very different sport when you jump on the court and you have nothing to lose, anyone can play like that. But that changes completely when you are the object of the hunt«.

Ingredients that get you back to your best

«I’m not close to him, so I don’t know everything that’s happened, but I’ve seen changes in coaching. But because he is young and suddenly finds himself at the top of tennis, you have to try really hard, discover resources and equipment around you will help you for 10 years. Is about mindset, talent, team, approach and circumstances. It’s not the first that hasn’t been able to do it, and it won’t be the last. But if he’s already been good enough to win a Grand Slam, he’s also good enough to win another.«.

Generation change in tennis

«I think there’s already been a changing of the guard in tennis. Carlos Alcaraz became world number one after winning the US Open last year. there is proof. Many players like Sinner and Rune are knocking on the door. And then there are the Russians. We don’t want to say it, but we have to. because they are very good«.

Blind trust in Djokovic

«Clay is not the best surface for Djokovic, but in recent years he has done well. As long as he’s healthy and wants to play, pHe is always the favorite to win the Grand Slam tournament. Also, Djokovic is someone who is very extroverted and very worldly. Sometimes he presents himself as a tennis machine, but when he is not playing, he is very charming. You can talk to him about business, politics, music… and he’s a good guy. In addition, he is a tennis historian. You know who the legends have been and wants to leave his mark, and it already has. He is very much a perfectionist. He always wants to play a perfect match«.

Excited about his Wimbledon win

«I was very emotional when Djokovic won at Wimbledon. That was quite a statement of intent and he’s a great friend, so I was very happy.»

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