Daniil Medvedev: Beating Novak Djokovic In Us Open Final Was My Best Memory

Beating Novak Djokovic in the US Open final was my best memory

Daniil Medvedev says it’s always «an amazing feeling» to beat Novak Djokovic. The 27-year-old Medvedev defeated Djokovic 6-4 6-4 in the Dubai semifinal. For Medvedev, it was his first victory against Djokovic since the 2021 US Open final, when he handed the Serb a straight-set loss.

«I mean, every time I beat Novak it’s an incredible feeling. He’s probably the greatest tennis player of all time, or at least one of the two or one of the three, I don’t know, one of the five, whatever. An incredible player, every time I manage to beat him, he is incredible.

Of course, beating him in the US Open final was my best memory because that’s my only slam. To beat someone like him in the final is just a dream come true and forever in my memories,» Medvedev said, according to sportskeeda.

Medvedev: This was not my best performance against Djokovic

Djokovic won his first 15 matches of the season before Medvedev handed him a defeat in Dubai.

Following the Dubai match, Medvedev acknowledged that his performance against Djokovic in the 2021 US Open final remains his best performance. «Actually, I don’t think I was in the full zone. For example, I feel like at the US Open I was playing a lot better.»

I was a little bit tight, I’m never really tight, but let’s call it under pressure because Novak, I felt that even if he’s not feeling his best, he was missing some shots, I felt that he wants to come back,» Medvedev explained.

Meanwhile, Medvedev was able to end his losing streak against Djokovic. After beating Djokovic in the 2021 US Open final, Medvedev won the next four meetings against the Serb. In Dubai, Medvedev scored his first victory over Djokovic in a year and a half. After his last match, Djokovic now owns a 9-5 head-to-head against Medvedev.

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