Atp And Davis Cup Could Work Together

ATP and Davis Cup could work together

In recent years, tennis has given us several changes, some of which are very obvious. It is like in the case of team competitions. the Davis cupwhich until recently was the only team tournament, initially underwent a reform of the time with the change of format and regulations.

In response, the atp has established the ATP Cup, which has undoubtedly become the second most important competition on the men’s tennis scene and is held every year at the beginning of the new year that anticipates the first slam of the season, or Australian Open.

A tournament that has worked very well since the points at stake and the importance of the tournament have made almost all the best players participate. In fact, the three winners of this tournament, namely Serbia, Russia and Canada, can boast some of the biggest and strongest players on the Tour.

ATP and Davis Cup could work together

Now, however, the ATP and the Davis Cup, according to the BBC, could soon announce an agreement that will allow the two organizations to work closely together. At the moment there are negotiations that seem to take months in which it is mainly about reaching an agreement regarding the overload of the calendar and the two competitions, the Davis Cup and the ATP Cup, which are very similar to each other.

The solution seems to be to stop contesting the team trophy at the beginning of the year and replace it with the United Cup, which is a mixed team competition that will take place before the Australian Open and should be very similar. to the Hapman Cup that was canceled a few years ago by the organization.

The United Cup will offer a prize pool of 15 million dollars and could become a very important showcase for mixed competitions. Finally, as far as the Davis Cup is concerned, there should be no further changes to the format, which could therefore remain with the current regulations.

More updates should come in the coming weeks on the partnership between the ATP and the Davis Cup, which could change men’s tennis for years to come.

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