Wta Finals 2022: Aryna Sabalenka Takes Down Iga Swiatek, The Highlights

Aryna Sabalenka – Iga Swiatek (Official Music Video)

Aryna Sabalenka was good at interpreting the challenge the right way in the semis at the WTA Finals 2022 in Fort Worthremoving landmarks from world number one Iga Swiatekbut above all in making an ultra-aggressive tactical plan in an attempt to reduce the number of prolonged rallies.

Despite the 2/15 with the second serve, the Belarusian’s tennis works perfectly and the initial 6-3 perfectly photographs the situation. Swiatek’s reaction was inevitable, splashing at 4-0 and wasting a ball for 5-0.

She gets distracted for a moment, leaves one of the two available breaks on the street, but still meets the challenge again with a 6-2 and she push the question to the third set. When the logic seems to push in the direction of the Polish number 1, things change completely.

Swiatek fouls the notebook with two double faults in game four and completely misses the forehand. Sabalenka, attentive and above all more lucid in her tactical choices, took advantage of the situation practically perfectly and sealed the most prestigious success of her career by 6-2 2-6 6-1.

Here are the highlights:

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