Argentina Return To Billie Kean King Cup Playoffs

Argentina return to Billie Kean King Cup playoffs

Argentina beat Peru 2-1 to advance to the Billie Jean King Cup playoffs for the third straight year in November.

tournament results

The day did not start in the best possible way for the Argentinian girls Martina Capurro suffered a heavy loss early in the series Luciana Pérez Alarcón 7-5 6-1which made Peru endure.

However, Julia Riera, 20 years old and ranked 252nd in the world, reasserted her leadership of the team, producing another strong performance over Romina Ccuno 6-0 6-0 to level. The Pergamin woman made her singles debut this week and won all her matches, giving the team a total of 5 points.

Finally, Guillermina Nayaaccompanied by Riera, showed great strength Anastasia Iamachnike and Lucciana Pérez Alarcón 6-4 6-4. The Albiceleste did not suffer throughout the match and managed to win in serious command Mercedes Paz.

In this way, Argentina will play again in the playoffs, the same way they did in 2021 against Kazakhstan and in 2022 against Brazil. In the absence of official confirmation, it will take place on 10-11. November or 11–12 November in the traditional local/visitor format. The competitor will survive the losers of the qualifying matches played this weekend.

team statements

Mercedes Pazcaptain: «It is a very special classification because it is given. I came from Tucumán, which was a tough series – a loss to Brazil in 2022 – when I arrived here and the team disarmed and plays with a new… There were many changes, but I am very proud of the level of this team. They made me live a very nice week and I am very grateful«.

Julia Rieraclub no. 1: «I feel at my best and playing in Argentina gives me extra motivation. At first I was a little nervous to be number one in Argentina, but I was able to solve it in the best way and it makes me happy that the results have been achieved. I feel like I’m getting better every time, little by little I’m improving the weakest things I have and the last time I’ve raised my level«.

Guillermina Naya: «The truth is that I did not imagine this when I came back to play in Tucumán, I am very happy to be here and to be part of the national team again. I want to thank Mecha for the call, one always wants to represent Argentina and when he called me I didn’t hesitate«.

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