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Argentina debuts with a perfect score in the Billie Jean King Cup

Argentina’s tennis team beat Guatemala in its debut Billie Jean King Cup Group I in the Americas, with Martina Capurro and Julia Riera winning in singles and Berta Bonardi and Guillermina Naya winning in doubles.

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The Albiceleste tennis team made a great debut Block I America 2023 from Billie Jean King Cup in numbers 3-0 over Guatemala. Argentinian coach, Mercedes Pazshe had to deal with heavy losses (Nadia Podoroska, Paula Ormaechea and Lourdes Carlé) but she trusted Julia Riera, Martina Capurro -both debutants in singles-, Berta Bonardi and Guillermina Nayawho returned after a long absence.

Capurro and a solid win

Martina Capurro was responsible for opening the series. In his senior debut for the national team (he became the 53rd player to do so), Argentina did not suffer from the pressure of his debut and swept in straight sets (6-2 6-3) against. Kirsten-Andrea Weedon.

«It’s pride. I am very happy that I made my debut and won the first match for Argentina. Of course I was nervous, but I was able to control them very well. Really beautiful moments were lived when the whole team was united, sang and everyone supported us«, commented the 25-year-old player.

laugh more with less

Julia Riera and Gabriela Rivera Corado They were the main characters of the second part of the series. The woman from Pergami was a little uncomfortable in the first quarter and lost 7-6(5). However, in the second and third sets, the 20-year-old showed his full potential and with a very aggressive game and few errors, he was completely in control to come back 6-0, 6-1.

«I started with a low intensity, not moving much. Then in the other two sets, I started to lift a little bit and play my game, go forward and move my feet more, which helped me.Riera said after the game.

Naya and Bonardi verdict in doubles

Guillermina Naya and Berta Bonardi -who became the 54th player to debut with the Albiceleste-, won Deborah Dominguez and Melissa Morales 7-5 and 6-3 to end the series with a loud and overwhelming 3-0 in favor of Argentina.

On Wednesday, the Argentine girls face Bolivia from 12:00 (local time) in the second match of Group 1 America.

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