'Annoyed' Danielle Collins Makes Unusual Request During Maria Sakkari Match (Watch)

‘Annoyed’ Danielle Collins makes unusual request during Maria Sakkari match (WATCH)

Danielle Collins personally asked the cameraman to step back a bit during her round of 16 match in Guadalajara against Maria Sakkari. During a change, Collins approached the chair umpire and asked if it was possible for the cameraman to back off a bit.

Moments later, Collins personally asked the cameraman to give him a little more space. «Can you back up please? Thanks,» Collins asked the cameraman personally.

Later, Collins made the same request to the cameraman.

Collins defeated and out of contention at the WTA Finals

Collins, the 2022 Australian Open runner-up, suffered a 5-7, 6-3, 6-3 loss to Sakkari in Guadalajara.

With that loss, Collins was eliminated from contention for the WTA Finals. After the match, Sakkari showed class and praised Collins’ tennis. «Yes, obviously it was a very close game. Danielle, she is a player who is very aggressive.

She really likes to hit the ball hard. So I struggled a lot with the rhythm of it. Once I found my style of play in the match, it was much easier for me. But overall I didn’t expect anything easy from her because she’s an amazing player.

I mean, she’s only played like 11 tournaments and she’s almost in the top 10. He shows how good she is,» said Sakkari after beating Collins. Sakkari was twice up by a break in the first set, but still managed to lose the first set.

However, he was able to bounce back and create a huge comeback over Collins. «I think the first set was good until I got broken for the set. I loosened up a little bit. She outplayed me. I think I kept the same tennis, kept the same mentality.»

I just fought hard. It was always going to be difficult. Like, you don’t have a lot of rhythm with his game. Like I said, she hits extremely hard. You have to be ready after every serve, after every return. She comes like lightning. I didn’t really change that much,» Sakkari added.

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