Alcaraz No Me Siento Más Favorito

Alcaraz: «I don’t feel more popular even if Nadal or Medvedev are not there»

The tennis player from Murcia, currently world number two, went through the press room ahead of the start of the ATP tournament in Barcelona, ​​where Alcaraz will return to competition after missing the Monte Carlo Masters 1000 due to injury.

ATP Barcelona draw

Results ATP Barcelona

He Barcelona ATP He is already counting down the days to see the return Carlitos Alcaraz. The tennis player from Murcia seems to have recovered 100% muscle discomfort and in his left hand, which caused him to drop out of the Monte Carlo ATP, and today he appeared in front of the media in a preview of his debut The Count of Godó Trophycategory 500 tournament and of which he is the current champion.

the current number -from in the world, making his debut at the Barcelona event against the winner of the Belarusian match Ilya Ivashka and the Portuguese Nuno BorgesHe hopes this tournament will help him get into competitive rhythm for his debut on the European Clay Tour. one of them Palmar He admitted he regretted Rafael Nadal’s absence, but neither that nor defending his title makes him any more of a favorite than the other tennis players in the draw.

Competition with Sinner

«We are both still very young, but we have already fought for big things. Every time we play it’s so much fun to watch. I hope for a similar competition With Jannik, as it has been with Nadal, Djokovic or Federer. The beautiful thing between us is that we get along well off the track. I hope it stays that way».

The pressure to defend the title

«It’s a place where I love to play. I have very good memories of Barcelona, ​​not only last year but also when I was playing as a kid. We try to avoid the pressure of defending the championship and go out on the track just to enjoy«.

Sensations from last year

«Since I haven’t played a single match on clay yet, I need to get into the rhythm of competition because for me it’s different to play on clay than to play fast. I have several days before my debut to get into that rhythm and feel as good as possible.«.

Nadal’s absence

«I always want to see the best of every tournament. What Nadal has achieved here in Barcelona, it’s a shame it’s not here. I wish him a speedy recovery so he can enjoy his tennis.».

South American tour in February, help

«Yes, I think so. We face confidence in getting by in the country. It hasn’t been that long. There is trust in the country and we’re going to use it to play the best we can«.

Absence of other important names

«Yes, it is true that there are big absences like Rafa (Nadal) or Medvedev who were candidates to win the tournament. But I don’t feel like it anymore. Every game is different and every player in the box can beat me perfectly«.

Learning so far this year

«The calendar of tennis players is very demanding, and In the end, you need to evaluate the tournaments that you need to play, who have more discomfort. I learned that you have to take care of yourself as much as possible, both on and off the track«.

A different player compared to last year

«On the track I feel more mature, I feel like I can read what’s going on inside the track better. I’d say that’s the only difference I see from last year. I feel the same way about everything else. On a personal level, I don’t think much has changed.«.

What does playing on land mean?

«It’s like fighting, that’s what I like in the country. You have to play more tacticallythat’s the beauty of playing here enough«.

His drop shot

«Dropshot is a shot I’ve been doing since I was little and I think I’m pretty good at it. I feel pretty confident about doing that. Many times I finish it before I do it, but sometimes I don’t, I run out of ideas and I improvise because I trust that blow. Every time the players take a step back, I take advantage of the opportunity«.

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