A Single Button On Her Blouse Holds Back Paula Badosa'S Curves!

A single button on her blouse holds back Paula Badosa’s curves!

A single button on her dress holds back Paula Badosa’s curves!

Thanks for the new photo posted on Instagram, Paula Badosa has rightly and surely won her followers.In a very beautiful dress. The difference in her dress is definitely the white dressUnplugged and very sensitive.

Not only that: there is no bra under the shirt and Only one button holds her curves. Here is the picture: A Single Button On Her Blouse Holds Back Paula Badosas

Paula Badosa and Stephen Tsitsipas

In addition to being among the top performers on the circuit in recent years, former world number two Paula Badosa is undoubtedly one of the most attractive on the women’s circuit.

An abundance of beauty and an incomparable charm on the court, the Spaniard has been stopped by a recent injury and many are waiting for her return. She has to attend Wimbledon where she is training with her new boyfriend Stephen Tsitsipas.

In an interview with El Larguero, the Iberian blonde player told her everything about her, revealed when she wants to return and most of all she talked about her relationship with the Greek tennis player. The two have been starring together for weeks now, even off the circuit, in shots and various photo shoots.

As a video of the two in the pool of violence went viral, Paula posted a series of Instagram stories where she smiled and received a bouquet of flowers alongside the caption, «How lucky I am.» The deck was probably given to him by Tsitsipas.

The woman said about her relationship with the Greek talent: «How much do Stephen and I help each other outside the field? It’s great, he and I immediately support each other. We have great interests, but we think a lot about sharing. Our personal life.

We have a very strong relationship and we make each other stronger. I can definitely say that we push each other. When I play he comes and helps me, when he plays I really go looking for him. Who do I recommend in the Tsitsipas vs Alcaraz match? Don’t make me choose!

But let’s just say I have to listen to my heart. Among other things, Paula recently spoke about Novak Djokovic’s attack during his Grand Slam battle against compatriot Rafa Nadal: “Nole is a real animal mentally.

After all he has been through, he can take the field and play regularly. From a tennis point of view he is very complete, when you challenge him he is very aggressive.

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