Camila Giorgi's dress sensually falls off the shoulders, and there's no top!

Camila Giorgi’s dress sensually falls off the shoulders, and there’s no top!

Camilla’s Georgie dress is sensually falling off the shoulders, and there is no top!

Camila Georgie In one of the latest photos she shared on Instagram, she wore a very short dress. But there is a very sensitive detail about her dress, the shoulder strap slipped down and forced her to hold it on her hands. However, her sensitive back can be seen at a glance, and there is no upper trace in her photo!

Here is the picture: Camila Giorgis dress sensually falls off the shoulders and theres

Martina Navratilova attacks Camila Georgiou: «How disgusting»

The controversy over the match between Camila Giorgi and Venus Williams at the WTA 250 tournament in Birmingham has not cooled down. The Italian tennis player was not very sportsmanlike during the first set and was criticized by many insiders.

At 4-3, Giorgi cheered hotly, punching and hollering as the American slipped away and failed to hold on to her point. A sign that untangled the web and inspired some celebrities to take a stand against her.

Rena Stubbs, Serena Williams’ former coach, who first exposed herself, tweeted: «Camilla screamed when Georgie Venus Williams fell. It was probably the lowest moment of her career,” she said. Martina Navratilova, the former WTA number one and 18-time Grand Slam champion, commented on Stubbs’ post and lashed out at Georg: «Fine with her: Venus still kicks her ass.»

How offensive!» Venus Williams eventually won the battle that lasted 3 hours and 17 minutes, 7-6(5), 4-6, 7-6(6). «I felt the support of the crowd. I think I played well today. The American spoke to the official website of the WTA, describing her impressive ranking, saying she had never been number one in the world.

She then added: «There were a lot of times when I thought the game was over. He pushed me to be more than I thought possible, and it’s a big thing for me. I haven’t played many games in the last few months. So it’s great to win a challenge like this.»

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