Camila Giorgi sends criticism to hell with a wild outfit!

Camila Giorgi sends criticism to hell with a wild outfit!

Camilla sends Georgie to hell with a wild outfit!

Camila Georgie He was sent to hell Criticism received Unsportsmanlike attitude in the match with Venus WilliamsPosting a very emotional photo among her Instagram stories. The Italian beauty is wearing orange sportswearWith a long-sleeved top and very tight shorts.

Her look was completed with a wild choppy hairdo that drove all her followers crazy. Here is the picture: Camila Giorgi sends criticism to hell with a wild outfit

What happened to Dean Birmingham with Venus Williams

Serving at 4-3, 40-30 in the first set, Venus, already playing with a strained knee, slipped and fell on the grass.

Despite the failure of the competition, George continued to play, and then was incredibly happy for the successful outcome of the score. The tension at the court was very high due to the fierce conflict between Venus and Camilla. The Italian gets the point and, knowing her opponent is on the ground, she revels in a shout to charge.

Bad sportsmanship in Italian, incomprehensible, criticized by fans on social media and not a little. Italy’s response was not appreciated by the public.. The show probably gave Venus more momentum, as she finally managed to take home the match in a very tight tie in the third set.

At the end of the game, the two went to the net and shook hands. However, the American Camilla wanted to stab George by laughing at a different statement in the interview. She said: “I’m surprised she’s not number one in the world.

I thought the match could end with one of her winners at any moment. She pushed me to be more than I thought I could be, I haven’t felt like this in a long time and I miss her so much. It’s nice to finally win the game. I couldn’t believe that I was serving at that speed again.»

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