The high costs of golf will discourage many.

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Hannah Gregg is a golfer who will soon have the opportunity to play on the LPGA Tour. In a video clip she posted on social media, Greg expressed her frustrations with women’s golf and the challenges she has faced, especially financially. More and more female golfers are deciding to quit because it’s so hard to compete financially and make some profit. Because the cost to female golfers is so high, more and more women are deciding to stop playing golf.

«It doesn’t matter if you’re a great player, the emotional pressure of thinking about how much each tournament is going to cost you — especially if you don’t have funding or you’re working in a pro shop or something and scraping the money together. Everyone really dresses the same.»

«I’ve always seen three or four players fall out of love with it every year, and maybe it’s because they don’t like it, but it’s very rare to see someone with unlimited funding fall out of love with it and just get stressed out,» Gregg said, as quoted by !

Fred Lindblom responded

Fred Lindblom, who helped Greg and taught him about the short game, also talked about how good players like Greg stop playing golf because of things they can’t control.

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Lindblom said he knows many individuals who have chosen to retire from professional golf despite their talent. These players have reached a point where they have devoted enough time and energy to the sport and want a stable lifestyle. However, modern golf brings many challenges and sometimes it is simply not possible to make a big profit and provide for your family. In such situations, many talents face problems and think about quitting their jobs.

Pursuing a career in professional golf often requires putting aside other areas of life, such as family and alternative career paths. Lindblom highlighted the challenging reality that after spending years in sports without success, individuals have to start all over again. Your motivation level is sure not to be what it used to be.

He pointed out that there are players who surprised others by quitting even though they were considered more talented.

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