Paula Badosa Shows A Shocking Beauty In Her New Photos

Paula Badosa shows a shocking beauty in her new photos

Paula Badosa shows shocking beauty in her new photos.
© Paula Bdaosa Instagram account

Paula Badosa is not only the strongest tennis player but also one of the most beautiful athletes in the world and some say the most beautiful tennis player on the circuit. The tennis player’s story with Stephanos Tsitsipas is generating a lot of curiosity every day and it seems that peace has been restored between the two after an argument that has not been confirmed or denied on social media.

If things are not going well on the court due to her recent physical problems, the situation is different from the court as the tennis player becomes a true media icon and her every post is very successful. In particular, her photos have thousands of likes and comments and Paula amazes her every day.

In the latest photos shared on Instagram, Paula is seen as always with a magnetic look and a very sensual body.

Paula Badosa talks about life outside the court

Meanwhile, in the last few hours, the tennis player gave an interesting interview to the WTA website.

Here are her words: «Education is very important in life, I can say that it is the key to everything. We are professional tennis players, but this is not enough. In fact, from the beginning, I have always wanted to be something, not just a tennis player.

I started playing tennis when I was 7 years old and I felt that it was very easy for me. I decided not to play other sports because I saw that I was good at it. I just focused on tennis and it was love at first sight. Life as a tennis player? I know how complicated it is and, above all, how expensive it is for a professional tennis player.

It’s not for everyone, for example I come from a very humble family but I’ve always been very independent, I learned to control my money when I was 15 and I learned everything from there. Naturally, at certain times I had problems even with the payments, but in the end I did it.

I didn’t want to be a burden on my family and my first year in the first 100 was tough, I went through a lot of stress and anxiety. My favorite person? My 15-year-old sister, she is 10 years younger and I feel like a second mother to her.

I will try to protect her and at the moment I will try to help her by taking care of her financially, help her as much as I can. Her dream has always been to go to America and improve her English, so I am grateful to be able to help her. I’m proud of her.»

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