Paula Badosa sensually stands out among the millenary beauties of Rome!

Paula Badosa sensually stands out among the millenary beauties of Rome!

Paula Badosa stands out among the millennial beauties in Rome!

Paula Badosa is in Rome these days.For Internazionali BNL d’Italia, the last competition on clay courts to prepare for Roland Garros 2023. The beautiful Spanish tennis player, on the eve of the tournament, He used some free time to visit the capital of ItalyThe one that stands out Millennial beauties The city offers tourists, As a super sensitive statue.

Paula shared her photos on Instagram. While she was at the Trevi Fountain, the Colosseum and St. Peter’s Square, some of the highlights of Rome. Here are the pictures:

The latest on Paula

Paula is one of the most beautiful and talented tennis players on the women’s tour.

Last year we saw this tennis player reach second place in the WTA rankings in April. Gradually things changed, Paula slipped back and lost a series of negative results together. Some of the detractors have said that the tennis player has been showered with love and sponsorship in recent months.

Paula Badosa is actually engaged to model and actor Juan Betancourt, who is considered one of the most handsome men in the world since 2021. The couple has an unusual charm and the two often make fans dream with their beautiful posts on social media.

The tennis player spoke about this and more in an interview with Glamor Microphones. Here are her words: «It was very difficult for me to announce this relationship, it’s bad for a female athlete, because you are always judged: if you win or lose, it will always be because of your relationship.

You have to get used to all these and go beyond these comments.» Then Paula continued: «It’s true that I’m a tennis player, but I’m also a person. Like me and my partner, we both look at it with ease.” Not just her love story, but her motherhood as well.

Some of Serena Williams and many other tennis players consider the idea of ​​playing and immediately return to the circuit, still doing well. Paula discusses this issue as follows: “In sport, I think fortunately motherhood has stopped being taboo.

In recent years, many tennis players have become mothers and this is all very beautiful. Combining both was difficult but they succeeded. It is very encouraging to see tennis players in good shape after two months of becoming a mother. It’s great that all these things seem normal. »

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