Camila Giorgi made her training too sensual, with an unforgettable outfit

Camila Giorgi made her training too sensual, with an unforgettable outfit

Camila Giorgi made her training very emotional, with an unforgettable dress

Camila Georgie She is currently in Rome hoping to play in front of friendly crowds at the 2023 Italian Open. As reported on her Instagram stories, Camilla shared a selfie of herself in a very sensual workout outfit.In fact a little bit and Unforgettable white shorts.

Over a fitted gray top and sweatshirt. Obviously the brand is Geomila! Below the picture: Camila Giorgi made her training too sensual with an unforgettable

Camilla Giorgi will be in Rome.

The Italian will have to deal with a new physical problem that was fixed in his first match against Egypt’s Mayar Sherif at the Mutua Madrid Open.

After all the investigations carried out in the case in recent days, the Italian wanted to publish a medical report through a story on Instagram, highlighting the osteochondral lesion in the central region of the femoral trochlea with a maximum longitudinal diameter of approximately 10 mm.

So the knee is damaged, which can be very expensive. The recovery times from this additional physical problem need to be constantly evaluated, but it is clear that participating in the Foro Italico in Rome is a big risk.

The 31-year-old from Italy wanted to personally thank the doctors who cared for her. The athlete expressed her happiness with the many messages from Italian fans who hoped that she would return to the court soon.

After a very complicated 2022 season in terms of performance and continuity, marred by multiple injuries, Giorgi didn’t fully redeem herself at the start of the year. Camilla boasts a superb third round at the Australian Open and a decisive win at the Merida Open in the final week of February.

Ranked 40th in the WTA World Rankings, the tennis player failed to match this trend in subsequent tournaments, winning two first-round victories before bowing out on the US Tour (India, Wales and Miami).

The new injury further slows down the run of the Italian, who could be one of the greatest actors in Italy, and he was able to count on the enthusiasm and great support among the home crowd. However, the Italian beauty is now in Rome, training and regularly playing the Italian Open.

Photo credits: Camila Giorgi Instagram account

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