Paula Badosa and Stefanos Tsitsipas fly aboard a luxurious Aston Martin

Paula Badosa and Stefanos Tsitsipas fly aboard a luxurious Aston Martin

Paula Badosa and Stephen Tsitsipas in a luxury Aston Martin.

Paula Badosa And Stephen Tsitsipas spent time in Monte CarloThe Greek, like the rest of his colleagues, officially resides in the principality of Monaco. In the last few hours Paula and Stephen drive through the streets of Monte Carlo in a very luxurious and above all, very expensive car..

is it. Aston Martin V12 Speedster. There are only 87 others like him in the entire world. This beautiful convertible costs around $1 million.. Here is the text:

Paula Badosa and Tsitsipas tell their story!

The relationship between Paula Badosa and Stefanos Tsitsipas has only lasted for a few months but is one of the most talked about in the tennis circuit.

We are talking about a To-10 and former top-5 of the ATP nad WTA circuits, but above all two of the most attractive athletes in the world of tennis and the two always create a lot of excitement. The two seem more in love than ever, very social and although it has not been very good in the recent past, they continue to express feelings.

A few days ago, there was a lot of talk about an offer for both of them to hit adult content and meanwhile, the rumors of the two continue. Answering fans’ questions live, Paula revealed the early stages of their relationship as well as what she first thought of Greek Adonis.

In particular, the woman spoke about how Stephen behaved before their relationship: «Before our relationship, he walked past me in the locker room and didn’t even say anything.» hello for me. He didn’t greet me, and I wondered if I had done something that would bother him.

He didn’t say welcome, nothing. «As Stephen explained on the live broadcast that it was just his shyness or embarrassment and because of that he wanted not to talk about it, Paula continued, «At least now I have peace, let’s say we can’t meet with complaints!» The Greek concluded: «Now I’m trying to fix it, I always look for her, I say hello and I often bring her flowers.» A recent interview with SDNA Stephens revealed how his relationship with Paula was born, Badosa beat Jaber in Rome once and the Greek wrote to thank her.

Stephen recalls: «I watched her and Ons match, Jaber played well and had an interesting game, I congratulated her on the win and that’s how the whole story started. The truth is, she was one of my biggest fans, but so was I. I liked her personality and demeanor about her. It had to be, fate wanted it that way.

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