Classy star Emma Raducanu gets another luxurious sponsor

Classy star Emma Raducanu gets another luxurious sponsor

Classic star Emma Raducanu found another luxury sponsor

Everyone wants it Emma Raducanu And a new brand decided to invest in her as a sponsor: France maison Dior. He was wanted as an ambassador of a luxury and very popular brand.A few days ago she was in Mexico where the new collection of the French brand was presented.

It should also be remembered that Emma was engaged. Carlo Agostini, the son of Dior’s public relations manager. The tennis player was collaborating with Dior even before his relationship.In any case, it was clear that the company decided to focus on her.

In the video, Emma Raducanu endorses a new product from the Dior Beauty lineWhen she wears palazzo jeans and a white shirt: simple yet classic and always the most sensual outfit.

Emma and her new (alleged) boyfriend

The British tennis player is one of the most impressive tennis wonders of recent years.

From the general anonymous Emma The girl was overwhelmed by the expectations of the Britons, who expected her to be a future number one, and instead, from that moment on, Radukan went into an endless cycle of negative results.

Emma ends up outside the top 100, with a series of injuries and crashes and leaks. In recent days, the girl has revealed that she has returned to the gym, but in addition to this, curious rumors are creating a sensation of concern for the beautiful and young tennis player.

According to some rumors, Emma is on vacation in Greece (she also posted on social networks) with her friend, a boy named Carlo Agostinelli, the son of the communication manager of Dior Maison. Not much information is known about this child, the two leave attention on social networks and herd Likes and comments.

In the last post related to Emma’s holidays, Carlo posted a heart emoji and the young lady immediately responded. Tennis fans are curious about the young tennis player’s personal life. Emma had some surgery in May and missed the entire grass court season.

British fans were hoping to see her at Wimbledon but Radukan instead made a brief one-day guest appearance before going on holiday. Then she posted a photo on an exercise bike in the last few days and the tennis player and her staff’s priority is to try to get back on the court by mid-August or at the very end.

In a social update published last May, Emma released a statement in which she spoke about her situation and the special situation: «It hurts me to miss the winter tournaments, and I thank all my fans for supporting me in everything. They intervened to solve my problems and they need to take time away from the game courts.

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