Maria Sharapova is a mermaid at sea on vacation in Polynesia

Maria Sharapova is a mermaid in the sea on vacation in Polynesia

Maria Sharapova is a tennis icon, but now the beautiful Siberian tennis player faces a new life. The tennis player announced her retirement back in February 2020 and now she faces her new path as a married woman and mother of a small child.

Sharapova spoke in an interesting interview and launched interesting statements. These are her words: “The role of mother must come at a certain moment in your life, I felt prepared and the truth is that it was something I had always dreamed of.

I have an excellent relationship with my mother, we are very close and we share a lot, we are close and that is also why I wanted to have a son so that I could share my experiences with him. I’m excited to see him grow and I’m also learning new things.

Every day is a new day, there is always something to learn and it is a beautiful challenge.» The former tennis player continues: «The sporting aspect is also very demanding, it keeps you grounded every day. Tennis was something I wanted to do every week, beyond winning and losing.

I always had to reinvent myself and challenge myself and I didn’t feel comfortable. I don’t know if it’s more difficult to be a tennis player or a mother, let’s say that both roles are very demanding.» Maria spoke after her son Theodore, the true protagonist of the interview: «He is an exemplary child, I talk to him often and pray for have a quiet day.

Fortunately it is very good, I was lucky I must say. Also, when I breastfeed, I’m always hungry, I feel like I always have to eat and this intrigues me.» In addition, Maria continued: «This has been the fastest year of my life, it has flown by in the blink of an eye. of eyes. eye.

I am excited about this stage of my life, I feel that I am passing my first months of life and I see that everything is fine. I’m curious to understand how my life will unfold, between work and family, and the important thing is to find the right balance.»

Meanwhile, María enjoys her vacation in Polynesia, where a few days ago she shared a photo of her in a bathing suit in the middle of the crystalline sea, while she caressed a manta ray, like a mermaid coming out of the sea.

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