Julia Stamatova

Julia Stamatova

Julia Stamatova is a Bulgarian professional tennis player, who had won two ITF singles and eleven doubles trophies. She has a career-high ranking of No 451, reached on December 15, 2015.

Julia Stamatova was born on June 4, 1993, in Innsbruck, Austria. She grew up in one of the biggest tennis clubs in Austria, where her father (professional tennis player Julian Stamatov) was a coach of Sylvia Plischke (Czech tennis player with a career-high ranking of No 27). Already 10-years-old she became a champion of Austria, won several tournaments, and became Austrian No 1 junior.

Julia Stamatova turned pro in 2009 at the $10,000 Brcko (Bosnia and Herzegovina), She was defeated in the first round already. By the end of the year, she took part in three more ITF tournaments, again losing in the first round.

Julia Stamatova

In 2010, Julia Stamatova improved her results and reached the quarter-finals of the $15,000 Cantanhede (Portugal) and $15,000 W15 Montemor-O-Novo (Portugal). A year later, she developed even more than reached the semi-finals of the $10,000 W15 Prokuplje (Serbia), $10,000 Brcko (Bosnia and Herzegovina), and $10,000 Osijek (Croatia). Thus, she ended the year at her highest ranking of No 637.

Julia Stamatova kept her results in 2012, reaching the semi-finals at $10,000 Istanbul (Turkey) and $10,000 Mytilini (Greece). In the middle of the year, she reached a ranking of No 601.

In 2013, Julia Stamatova still failed to reach the final and won a trophy, but reached the semi-finals of the $10,000 Heraklion (Greece) and $10,000 Rethymno (Greece).

Julia Stamatova reached her first ITF final in 2014 at the $10,000 Adana (Turkey). She lost to Belgian player Elke Lemmens. She had several semi-finals at the $10,000 W15 Netanya (Israel), $10,000 Konya (Turkey), $10,000 Balikesir (Turkey), $10,000 W15 Vrnjacka Banja (Serbia), and $10,000 W15 Heraklion (Greece). She improved her ranking to No 488, but ended the year at No 526.

In 2015, Julia Stamatova won her first ITF trophy at the $10,000 Mytilene (Greece). By the end of the year had two more finals at $10,000 Antalya (Turkey) and $10,000 W15 Heraklion (Greece). At the end of the year, she reached her career-best ranking of No 451.

Julia Stamatova

In 2016, Julia Stamatova played her 5th final at the $10,000 Antalya-Belconti (Turkey), but again lost to Ayla Aksu in straight sets.

During the next years, she had various successes, as she reached the final at the $15,000 W15 Antalya (Turkey) in 2018. She had played in several tournaments in Greece, Turkey, and Austria, performing with good results.

In 2019, Julia Stamatova won her second ITF trophy at the $15,000 W15 Tabarka (Tunisia). She played another final in February 2020 at the $10,000 W15 Antalya (Turkey).

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