Super Sensual Aryna Sabalenka By The Beautiful Sea!

Super sensual Aryna Sabalenka by the beautiful sea!

Super sensual Arina Sabalenka in beautiful sea!
© Aryna Sabalenka Instagram account

After a long and tiring tennis season, it’s time for Aryna Sabalenka to enjoy her well-deserved holidays by showing her fans a touching photo. She recently lost her tennis crown at the WTA Finals in Cancun, now dominated by Iga Sviatek, but the beautiful Belarusian tennis player won the Australian Open and generally had a great time on the court.

There was some bitter controversy over her stance on the Russia-Ukraine war, with Arina eventually asking the media not to ask her questions on the topic. Now that the season is over, the strongest and most beautiful tennis player from Belarus is enjoying her holidays in a dreamy place, after which she shared a photo that sent her followers crazy.

This is Le Blanc Spa Resort Cancun. Fine white sand, palm trees and a stunning and endless blue beach. In the middle, an extremely emotional Arina lays on a hammock in a one-piece bathing suit. Below is a photo Sabalenka shared on her Instagram account.

Sabalenka: «It was an amazing season.»

Sabalenka’s 2023 season is over following the defeat in Cancun.

The Belarusian tennis player described her season and recent finals in 3 words. «My performance here is challenging, scary, not the best… It’s so sad. And this season? Amazing, amazing, great.»

«I want to say the best about this tournament,» said Sabalenka at the press conference. We remind you that Sabalenka finished first in the team at Baccalaureate by defeating the Kazakh Elena Rybakina and the Greek Maria Sakkari.

Referring to her match, Sabalenka said that she will use this match as a lesson for the future: «I have learned a lot this season.» A lot of tough losses, a lot of big wins, she’s No. 1 in the world but that’s it. It’s not about grades.

I feel in those tough games, that’s something you have to learn sometimes. I will continue to work. I feel that I am going in the right direction, I have to stick to our plan and move forward, forget the negative aspects of this season, focus on the positive and continue to work and improve. It will be Belarusian in December. She took part in exhibition matches marking the start of the 2024 season, which she won in the AO preliminaries last year.

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