Eugenie Bouchard super muscular in the KCMii photography by Ali El Kacemi shots!

Eugenie Bouchard super muscular in the KCMii photography by Ali El Kacemi shots!

Eugenie Bouchard Super Muscular in KCMii Photography by Ali El Kassemi!

Eugenie Bouchard Sharing two new photos on Instagram, he showed off an impressive workout routine. KCMii photography by Ali El Kassemi. In particular, the beautiful Canadian tennis player shared a photo of her training, in which she showed very strong muscles, especially shoulders, arms and back.

An even more amazing makeover from a few months back that drove all her Instagram followers crazy. Here are the pictures taken from her Instagram page by Ali El Kassemi of KCMii Photography:

Bouchard against Federer, Djokovic and Murray

Bouchard, who is known outside of the tennis arena, tweeted about the GOAT, and to everyone’s surprise, the day after Novak Djokovic’s Grand Slam victory at Roland Garros 2023.

The girl has always been one of the biggest fans of Roger Federer, the tennis player who she admires for her style and unmistakable talent. However, Eugenie did not know what to do. «I’m Roger Federer’s biggest fan, but we all have to admit that Novak Djokovic is an undeniable Goat. Nole is amazing. The tennis player with the most Grand Slams.» The Canadian has had many ups and downs that have left her struggling to at least make the world’s top 100, and as a result she is currently ranked 218th.

However, the North American can boast of becoming the first Canadian to reach a Grand Slam final in her best year as a professional. In an interview with LeJournaldeQuebec, she explained: “Everybody has ups and downs in their career.

For example, Andy Murray has played Challenger tournaments and won a few. Good for him. It’s natural, somehow. But, of course, I miss the big moments.” The Canadian is a long way from those results, having just lost in the first round of Wimbledon to Great Minn (121st) 6-4 7-5. It’s easy for Bouchard to find herself unable to enter the tournament’s main draw. «When you get a good result, you have to take care of it, because it doesn’t mean it will happen again.» In this way, the former world number 5 will continue to give everything possible to achieve good results in her all-round sport. «I told myself during my injury that I wanted to stop because of my injury. Now that my health has improved, I told myself that I will give myself everything to become a professional tennis player, because this is what I love to do.»

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