Beautiful tennis star joins Bouchard and others to wear pink Barbie outfit!

Beautiful tennis star joins Bouchard and others to wear pink Barbie outfit!

The gorgeous tennis star joins Bouchard and others to dress up in pink Barbie!

Vitaly Dyachenko As many of her colleagues had done before, she decided to follow the current fashion Eugenie Bouchard, Simona Halep and influential Rachel Stullmandress up Pink Barbie dress. The beautiful tennis player posted a series of photos on Instagram of herself wearing a pink dress during her birthday.

She also carried matching balloons in shades of pink. The movie with Margot Robbie is turning out a crowd pleaser, and it’s kicking off a vintage but ultra-trendy fashion.
Here are the pictures:

Dyachenko and the case in France

«As a Russian citizen, I received only 14 days when traveling to Europe!

Visa (I usually get 2/3 years as an athlete). Also, this visa had to be through Spain because they are the only country that issues this view. So the flight has to go through Spain, so other borders like my competition don’t allow me to fly unless it’s in Spain.

In fact, this means four flights instead of two! End of the story, sleeping in the airport, treated as a 3rd class citizen, spent a couple of thousand euros, now there is no possible way to get to the competition because of the Russian airlines and limited visa status. Finally, I have. To leave and the only option is to go home and miss another event because of this situation.

Playing as a professional athlete without any flag and representing the country, just trying to get on with life and pursue the profession that I have loved all my life, is ideal for athletes who have nothing to do with any tragedy. Freedom from politics, racism and Nazism.

Only peace and clear skies, please!» Vitalya Dyachenko said a few weeks ago that these words were because she was stuck at the airport at an ITF event in France and was treated unfairly for just a reason. Russian.

Dyachenko is registered to compete in an ITF event in Calvi. In Calvi’s first round, Dyachenko married Jessica Ponchet. In a long post on Instagram, Dyachenko said she was treated unfairly because of her passport.

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