Donna Vekic reacts to Caroline Wozniacki shading Jelena Ostapenko: Love you Caroline

Donna Vekic Reacts To Caroline Wozniacki Shading Jelena Ostapenko: I Love You Caroline

Donna Vekic I laughed a lot reading how Caroline Wozniacki shading jelena ostapenko during his commentary on the Australian Open match between Ostapenko and Cori Gauff. During his match commentary for ESPN, Wozniacki revealed that he never wanted to practice with Ostapenko again after his first experience practicing with the Latvian.

«Let’s say I practiced with her once and chose not to do it again.» Wozniacki said during the commentary. Reacting to Wozniacki’s comments, Vekic wrote: «Hahahahaha I love you @CaroWozniacki.»

Who is Vekic’s best friend on the WTA Tour?

Vekic is apparently not very close to Ostapenko, but it is well known that she and Belinda Bencic are friends on Tour.

Last year, Vekic and Bencic made a video that later went viral. In their video, Vekic and Bencic hilariously explained the difference between the WTA and ATP Tours. “How did we come up with it (laughing)? Honestly, I don’t even remember, but it was spontaneous.

We are close friends. I never look at the draws, all I know is that we are in the same half. Every time after the game, while I’m riding my bike, my coach tells me who the next opponent is, and I just pray they’re not here. I hope we can’t meet until the semi-finals, if we keep winning.

You know what, I’m very happy to have several friends on the Tour, which is rare,» Vekic told Sasa Ozmo about tennis majors. Additionally, Vekic noted that he believes it is a myth that «all players are enemies.» «Not much.

I think it’s a myth that tennis players are all enemies and men are all friends. On the ATP tour there is also… I wouldn’t say hostility, but rivalries for sure. Personally, I don’t have a problem with anyone on the WTA tour. Okay, maybe with a couple of them, but we won’t get into that right now (laughs),» Vekic revealed.

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