the sensuality of her black outfit is disruptive

the sensuality of her black outfit is disruptive

Paula Badosa beyond all limits: the sensuality of her black dress disturbs

Paula Badosa She just played the WTA 1000 in Madrid, in front of her home crowd. The beautiful Spanish tennis player left her Instagram followers speechless with a cover photo published in Glamor Limited magazine.. In the photo in question, Paula is wearing a very sensual black dress, which emphasizes her curves And there is a trigger opening on the stomach and a slit on the left leg.

«It’s so inspiring for girls to see athletes in the countryside, you don’t have to be a size 34 to feel good,» explains the Kérastase ambassador. In the year The Spanish tennis player, ranked number two in the world in 2022, analyzes the pressure he feels as a top athlete and how he manages it.

She, who had to learn to lose, never left the field or life without wanting to win. Even though you are fearless, you will go where you want to go and do it the way you can. The most important lesson for me is accepting that I’m okay with things I can’t control.

Paula is one of the best in the world

After their elimination in Madrid, the Spaniard said in a press conference: «I’m always a person who kills myself when I make a mistake. I stopped believing in myself and I fell very early in history. I punish myself a lot in everything. They weren’t good and I know this has to change.

The main thing for me is to continue to compete regularly, improve little by little and improve in the process. In the long run, I want to return, because I think I am one of the best in the world. I don’t know if it will be in two months or a year, but now that I have come from a difficult year, I have to start saving a lot of things.

I have to be mentally stable and self-destructive as in other phases of my career. I feel good in my mind, no matter how bad I feel, I promise myself that I will fight to the end. I evaluate my pass in this race positively, it could be better, but I am carrying good feelings from the positive week.

«I’m very competitive and I’m sad and sad, but I have to put things in perspective and think about where I’m from.»

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