The eyes are super sensual: Paula Badosa enchant Dubai!

The eyes are super sensual: Paula Badosa enchant Dubai!

Eyes are extremely sensitive: Paula Badosa Magic Dubai!

Paula Badosa He is struggling with a serious injury. Roland Garros 2023. The most beautiful and the strongest Spanish tennis player of A A stress fracture in her spine. She said: “Just when everything seemed to be going well again, I got some bad news just before the Grand Slam.

I suffered a stress fracture in my spine at the race in Rome. It was tough news after a season-ending injury. This will keep me out of competition for a few weeks. Thanks to everyone who was with me in spite of everything.

I’ll keep you updated.” Paula is on the mend, and over the next few days, as seen in a photo shared on her Instagram account. It is located in Dubai.. And the photo in question The look of the Spanish tennis player shows again all the sensuality and seductiveness.

Paua attacked the Spanish Hola newspaper

Paula Badosa recently took to social media to attack the Spanish newspaper Hola.

Paula criticized this newspaper for publishing news of the split between her and her boyfriend, the model Juan Betancourt. In particular, as Hola reports, the story between the two, which began in 2021, has officially ended and may be the model that decided to separate.

The newspaper appeared to be very sure about all this and also reported other details such as that Paula was in trouble because of this decision and that she had not yet won. Badosa attacked Hola through her own Instagram stories and was very harsh: “The information that has come out is completely false.

I want to understand where you got this special thing from, thank you.» Paula recently appeared in the fashion magazine Glamor and canceled the story to avoid further rumors and controversy. In an interview with Glamour, the girl explained: «It’s very important to have a good work environment around the people I spend most of my time with. is it.

Sometimes your head is not ready for this pressure, playing in front of 20,000 people, press inquiries and more. A lot of things are stored and then there are social networks that highlight things. This is why we come across tennis players who are retiring or suffering from anxiety and depression.

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