Tennis 'popstars' Emma Raducanu and Carlos Alcaraz aim to become global brands

Tennis ‘popstars’ Emma Raducanu and Carlos Alcaraz aim to become global brands

Tennis ‘popstars’ Emma Raducanu and Carlos Alcaraz aim to become international brands.

Carlos Alcaraz And Emma Raducanu Both very young, very strong and both won the US Open. The two tennis players are very much in demand by the big bandsWho needs them according to their credentials. Their goal is to become a global brand.

Suffice it to say. Emma received $500,000 for sponsorship in three weeks at Wimbledon 2023.including his qualifications. Carlitos has earned most of his earnings so far from prize money.. But now, after an impressive 2022 and an equally impressive 2023, many brands are interested in him.

According to new rumors from Spain, Alcaraz can close three contracts in a short period of time, which will make him very richAmong them will be a well-known brand of drink, although the name has not been revealed.

Alcaraz has collaborated with Calvin Klein, Rolex, Nike and BMW for some time.While there is an agreement with Louis Vuitton recently.
Emma finds herself ahead of the curve with sponsorships, helped by the fact that she’s British, and gets a lot of media attention in her home country, always improving (or crushing!) their products to determine whether or not they’re on the market. is it.

Emma Raducanu and Carlos Alcaraz young and rich

And Emma with her amazing smileHer beauty and simplicity impressed Great Britain.

In short, the two young people are cashing in on the rumors of their flirtation, trying to establish themselves as truly international brands, as Roger Federer, Maria Sharapova, Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka have done in the past.

Emma is starting to attract endorsement deals. In September 2021, Raducanu has signed a multi-year deal with luxury fashion brand Tiffany & Co.. The deal is worth around $2 million a year, making her one of the highest paid female athletes in England.

Radukanu is expected to sign more sponsorship deals in the future. She recently bought a $2.5 million house in London.which she shares with her family. She recently bought a new Mercedes-Benz AMG GT, with a starting price of around $116,000.

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