Tennis Influencer Rachel Stuhlmann Strikes Again With Two Irrepressible Outfits

Tennis influencer Rachel Stuhlmann strikes again with two irrepressible outfits

Tennis influencer Rachel Stullman strikes again with two strapless dresses
© Rachel Stuhlmann Instagram account

Rachel Stullman strikes again with two new push-up outfits.. The most famous tennis influencer on the planet shared new photos on her Instagram account celebrating the end of the US Open and soccer season. The 31-year-old has once again shown her love for tennis, football and fashion.

She attends the most prestigious tennis events, and also has partnerships with sports brands.

Now, at the end of the US Open, she shared two photos, writing: “The US Open means soccer is finally back!

I’m a Missouri boy – the Chiefs and Mizzou Tigers are my teams. Who are yours?»

As you can see in her photos, she wore a pair of tops and shorts in honor of her two favorite teams, the Chiefs and the Tigers, but her followers’ attention was definitely on her two amazing outfits.

Rachel praised Patrick Mouratoglou.

Stullman praised Serena Williams’ former coach Patrick Mouratoglou for organizing the Ultimate Tennis Showdown 2023 in Los Angeles. Atmosphere in Los Angeles.

The most passionate tennis influencer wrote about the French coach: «Patrick Mouratoglou is a mastermind. Thank you for being a part of Ultimate Tennis Showdown LA and looking forward to future UTS events!»

Regarding her latest tennis performance, she wrote in an Instagram post: Five reasons I’m excited about the @uts_tour:

1) General Environment – DJ playing music the entire time, fans cheering/moving to their seats whenever they want, players engaging with the crowd.

2) I have never seen a tennis match/event where the fans were so attentive and cheering the whole time..

3) They love watching the pros show off their fun and funny personalities in a way that they can’t do in traditional tennis matches..

4) The format: 6 matches per day, four 8-minute quarters, one service, three-point bonus card, no warm-up..

Among other things… it was fast-paced and the perfect amount of tennis..

5) How good is this for the sport? The tour schedule is long and hard.

This is a perfect little break in the calendar for players to have some fun as well as great prize $.

Also, attention spans are short these days. UTS makes tennis fun and fast.

Thank you for being a part of Ultimate Tennis Showdown LA and looking forward to future UTS events!

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