Tennis beauty Aryna Sabalenka met soccer icon David Beckham, in Miami

Tennis beauty Aryna Sabalenka met soccer icon David Beckham, in Miami

Tennis beauty Aryna Sabalenka meets soccer icon David Beckham in Miami.
© Aryna Sabalenka Instagram account

WTA world no.1 Aryna Sabalenka recently attended an event in Miami where she met former Manchester United, Real Madrid and Los Angeles Galaxy soccer legend David Beckham.

Near the WTA Finals in Cancun, Sabalenka shared a photo of herself meeting Beckham on Instagram, writing, «Low key Miami morning @davidbeckham.»

Beckham responded to the Belarusian tennis player’s post: «Nice to meet you @sabalenka_aryna,» he wrote.

Corretja comments on the problems of Arina Sabalenka

Former tennis player Alex Corretja gave an interview to Eurosport and talked about the doubles team of Iga Sviatek and Aryna Sabalenka in particular.

Speaking about the two, Corretja said: «Iga Svitek is a real fighter, it doesn’t matter whether she is number one or number two in the world. She always wants to improve, try new things and has an open style of play. To change: not only at the end of this season or the end of the year, but in the next ten I believe she will be one of the leading actresses in years to come.

Corretja went on to say about Arina Sabalenka: «I think it’s normal to feel a little relieved and unsettled when she’s number one.» You spend a lot of time thinking and working to be first. Number one is to understand what is happening.

It is clear that expectations will change and try to understand what is happening. The key is to keep it consistent throughout the year, and you have to understand that in this sport you lose 85% of the year, maybe you can win four races and still have an amazing year.

We remind you that Aryna Sabalenka of Belarus has overtaken Iga Svitek in the ranking and became the new number one in the world.

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