Serena Williams has become mother of little Adira River Ohanian!

Serena Williams has become mother of little Adira River Ohanian!

Serena Williams has become a mother to little Adra River Ohanian!
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Serena Williams has become a mother for the second time and announced the birth of little Adira River Ohania in a video posted on her Tik Tok account.. «Welcome my beautiful angel,» she said.. American legend’s husband Alexis Ohanian gave an emotional tweet to little Adira.

wrote: «Welcome to Adira River Ohanian. I am grateful to say that our home is overflowing with love: a happy and healthy newborn girl and a happy and healthy mother. Feelings of gratitude.» Serena Williams, you just gave me another incomparable gift – you are a GMOAT.

Thank you to the amazing medical professionals who took care of my husband and our son. I will never forget the moment Olympia Ohanian introduced me to her baby sister. «Your peace would be like a river, and your safety like the waves of the sea.» Alexis Ohanina calls Serena Williams GMOAT: Greatest Mom of All Time.

An expression associated with the tennis career of S. Williams, regarded by many fans as the greatest player of all time.

It happened! Serena Williams became the mother of little Adira River!

Serena Williams’ husband posted three stunning photos on Twitter..

In the first picture shown to the fans, with the whole family present, the newcomer is in the arms of the former American player. In the second and third, however, the moment Alexis Ohanian spoke about in her post, or the meeting between her older daughter and her younger sister, became lifeless.

Serena Williams played her last official match at the US Open on September 3, losing in the third round to Australian Ajla Tomjanovic in three games. The staff of Tennis World USA has joined the great new excitement that has enriched the lives of Serena Williams and her family!

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