Rachel Stuhlmann hides a detail that refers to Wimbledon!

Rachel Stuhlmann hides a detail that refers to Wimbledon!

Rachel Stullman hides a list that refers to Wimbledon!

The beautiful tennis influencer Rachel Stullman presents her new pants., designed by her and available in store. Her pants are white and have wide detailing. Indeed, on the left thigh, There is an emblem with two crossed rackets surrounded by a laurel or olive wreath.Outline of the Wimbledon logo.

Not only this, there is one more detail that cannot be overlooked in the photo. Her white top, matching her pants, is super sensual and defies gravity! In teh post she wrote: «Happy Friday my friends! These pants were designed by me and are available in the pro shop on my website.

Also, the surprise early launch of my NYC collection is live now 🇺🇸!” You can watch the shoot below:

Rachel Stullman calls Patrick Mouratoglou a tennis master.

Rachel Stullman praised Serena Williams’ former coach Patrick Mouratoglou for organizing the Ultimate Tennis Showdown 2023 in Los Angeles. A highly emotional tennis influencer wrote of the French coach: “Patrick Mouratoglou is a mastermind.

Thank you for being a part of the Ultimate Tennis Showdown LA and looking forward to future UTS events!» She wrote in an Instagram post about the ultimate tennis showdown: «Five reasons I’m excited about @uts_tour: 1. The whole environment – DJ playing music all the time, fans cheering/whatever they want. As they take their seats, the players join the crowd. time.3) Loved watching the fans show off their fun and funny personalities in a way you can’t at traditional tennis matches. Card, no heater..

Among other things… it was fast-paced and the right amount of tennis. 5) How good is this for the sport? The tour schedule is long and hard. This is a perfect little break in the calendar for players to have some fun as well as great prize $.

Also, attention spans are short these days. UTS makes tennis fun and fast.

Thank you for being a part of Ultimate Tennis Showdown LA and we look forward to future UTS events!”

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