Rachel Stuhlmann celebrates Ana Ivanovic with a sensual iconic shot

Rachel Stuhlmann celebrates Ana Ivanovic with a sensual iconic shot

Rachel Stullman celebrates Anna Ivanovic with an emotional visual beat.
© Rachel Stuhlmann Instagram account

Abounding North American tennis influencer Rachel Stullman celebrated Halloween by recreating the iconic images of former Serbian tennis star Ana Ivanovic. The beautiful Rachel took to her Instagram account to share a series of photos of herself in a yellow dress wrapped in a tennis net.

Next to each of her photos is the original photo immortalized by Anna Ivanovic in a stunning photo shoot 13 years ago. In the post, Stulman wrote: «Happy Halloween! I had a blast recreating one of my favorite tennis photos of all time, Ana Ivanovic 2010.»

Rachel’s career as a tennis and fashion influencer

With over 318,000 followers, Rachel is one of the most followed personalities in the tennis industry on social media.

Rachel started playing tennis at a young age. She developed a passion for the game and devoted many hours to training and improving her skills. Her career at the University of Missouri ended early, but she remained connected to the sport. And the photos, as we see, prove it. Rachel had previously played college tennis, but her results were not exceptional and she finally wanted to start. A different relationship with the sport.

She started by promoting tennis brands and gradually became famous in the American scene and beyond. Social networks have made real breakthroughs and are increasingly being used by tennis players. Not only tennis players, but also some influencers have created communities of followers connected to this sport.

Her dedication and commitment allowed her to succeed as a tennis influence after her retirement from tennis. Rachel decided to pursue her passion in the world of social media and fashion. Combined with engaging images and videos, Rachel gives her followers a glimpse into her world of tennis and shares tips and tricks on how to improve their skills in the game.

Rachel is admired for her honest and genuine approach on social media, but also for her incredible sensitivity. Her posts reflect her passion for tennis and her desire to share her experience with others. Despite her growing success on social media, Rachel remains humble and grateful for the support of her followers.

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