Paula Badosa is truly irresistible in her blue outfit

Paula Badosa is truly irresistible in her blue outfit

Paula Badosa is truly irresistible in her blue dress

Paula Badosa is truly irresistible in her new blue dress. Wild hairstyle and magnetic look: these are her most sensual weapons in the new photos shared on her Instagram account. The Spaniard has released two new photos of herself looking all alone, wearing a light blue ensemble that perfectly complements her blonde hair and blue eyes.

The shots that delighted her followers and you can admire them below:

Paula Badosa’s gifts for Stefanos Tsitsipas’ birthday

The relationship between the two champions, Stephen Tsitsipas and Paula Badosa, is growing.

The couple seem more united than ever and show new indifference about their history every day. Stefanos is preparing for the US Open after an untimely withdrawal in Cincinnati, while Paula is sidelined with an injury.

However, the two were still together in the States and celebrated the Greek champion’s birthday together. During a live broadcast on Instagram, Stephen talked about what he gave Paula for her birthday and between one statement and another, the two looked very much in love.

Stephen said of the gift: «Paula gave me a really nice camera, the best present I’ve ever received.» However, the two in the video explained that Paula not only gave him two other gifts, one material and one less gift.

In fact, Badosa gave her a lot of love and made a beautiful video! Stephanos continued on Instagram live: «Actually, I don’t need presents. Paula is the best present that could ever happen to me.» During the live broadcast, the two said that their tennis dream is to play as world number 1 at the same time.

Stephen said of Paula: «She’s improving a lot, I want her to have an amazing career and be number one in the world. It is important to me not only to be first, but to do it with a woman who will be with me for the rest of my life.

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