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Lexi Thompson reveals why she decided to retire.

Today Lexi Thompson We have confirmed that she has decided to quit after the 2024 finale. The LPGA Tour golfer has been a fixture on the golf scene for years, though her age (29) doesn’t indicate it. His appearance in the majors at the age of 12 speaks volumes. This great golfer will have a chance to compete in the US Women’s Open this week.

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In a media interview, Thompson decided to explain her decision and explain why she chose to retire. Thompson said she started playing golf at age 5 and started competing in tournaments a few years later. That lifestyle became ingrained in her.

Golf has been my life since I was 5 years old, tournaments at 7 years old. I didn’t know much about a different life, but it was amazing. – As Thompson said at Golf Worley.

What we discussed in the previous article turned out to be true. Considering she’s been a part of that routine for years, Thompson is tired of the routine and playing golf. Lexi is excited about a new chapter in her life, she expects great things ahead. The most important thing to her is being happy where she is in life, but this 29-year-old golfer is still open to change and something new in the future.

«There’s a lot more to life than going to a race every week and doing the same training every day. There’s just so much more to it, and I’m looking forward to experiencing that.

I feel very content with where my life is and where this decision will take me. Yes, I am looking forward to what life has to offer outside of golf.” – continued Thomson.

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Thompson explained that she may not cut back to a certain number of events or play at all. Instead, Lexie takes it day by day, especially as she looks ahead to the year ahead. However, this great golfer is content with this being her last full-time program year.

Thompson doesn’t intend to delve into her plans for her golf career, realizing there isn’t much time left. The 29-year-old seems to be playing the tournament without any motivation, impatiently waiting to finish her job. Her 17 years in the golf world, counting her 12th appearance in a major, speaks volumes. Thompson is tired of the pressure that comes with playing golf, majors and tournaments.

Lexi Thompson: A lot of people don’t know what we’ve been through

Thompson discusses the challenges that professional players face. She explained that many people may not fully understand the challenges they endure. Despite these challenges, she emphasized that professional athletes are dedicated to their craft and strive to demonstrate their potential every day.

It is known that modern sports require a lot of effort and dedication, which was probably not the case in the past. Today’s professional athletes focus on every aspect of their lives to improve their performance in their respective sports. Sometimes, this can be exhausting for them, and some succumb to the pressure and abandon their goals. Thompson has been fully prepared for years. She stresses that some of today’s athletes fail to see how much effort they put into their careers.

“I think it’s a big thing for everybody here and in any professional sport. Most people don’t know what we go through. The amount of training and effort we put ourselves through is immense. I don’t think we deserve – I think we deserve more respect than we get.» – Thompson continued.

The 29-year-old golfer decided to talk about her future plans, especially after her career ends. Lexi said she loves exercise and plans to focus on it in the future. Her first goal is to get the Lexi Fitness app, which will be released soon. Thompson wants to enjoy life with her family. Her ambitions include starting a family in the future.

The famous golfer has been contemplating her career for a long time and decided to make this move. Thompson waited for the right moment and time to confirm her decision. Her goal is to finish the season and finally turn over a new leaf in her life.

“I’ve been thinking about it for a few months. It’s just a matter of time and space.” – Thompson said.

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