John Daly at the NEC Invitational (2002)

John Daly and Ernie Els gave interesting advice to their younger generation

When you reach an age where you have achieved everything you set your mind to in your career and are able to reflect on your journey and analyze things, there will definitely be some regrets or changes you will make. Instagram channel ‘Pga Tour Champions’ posted an interesting video asking golfers what advice they would give to their younger selves. According to many, the most surprising response came from John Daly;

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«Never mind, anyway.» – Daly as quoted in Golfmonthly!

Seven years ago, as he was about to embark on the Champions Tour, John Daly expressed satisfaction with the state of his career, focusing mainly on the 2000s. He said he always gives his best and strives to be the best version of himself.

“I was satisfied with everything in the 2000s. «My mind was right, and I did everything I could to try and win golf tournaments,» Daley said.

John Daly at the NEC Invitational (2002)© Harry How/Getty Images Sports

Dali also confirmed that his thinking could be different. He believes that he could have achieved more in the 90s, especially towards the end. Dali then became obsessed with money, perhaps more focused on finances than success in competitions. However, with experience and years, his attitude changed, and Dali became more serious. He understood the importance of victories and competitive victories and wanted to make a difference regardless of his age. Dali knows that things can be different, but in general his work is commendable and there is nothing to add

“I wish I had the same mindset in the 90s as I do now. I think I lost my talent in the 90s, especially the last part of the 90s. All the money was coming in, and I wasn’t working hard enough on it. I didn’t do the right things to prepare myself to win golf tournaments. You know, that’s definitely on me, and I’ll admit that…I think my mindset is 10 times better than it was in the ’90s.» – continued.

Ernie Els and his work

Ernie Els is a golfer we don’t need to spend too much time on. His achievements in his work speak for themselves.

Ernie L
Ernie L© Christian Peterson/Getty Images Sports

Reflect on the moments when you wish Else would get a second chance. In the year He emphasized the 1995 PGA Championship as a missed opportunity. Although he led by three shots heading into the final round, he weakened with the day off, particularly recalling critical errors on the 16th and 17th holes. These mistakes cost him a chance at the championship as he missed the playoff between Steve Elkington and Colin Montgomery. Reflecting on that day, he believes that a strong final round could change the course of his career.

However, the work of every athlete is characterized by such things, and regretting something is too much. Else has had many successes in his career, but moments like this are common.

He emphasized that there are other tournaments where he has not been successful like other players. He cited the 1996 Open Championship, where he made a late charge but ultimately fell short, as well as events like The Masters in 2004 and The Open Championship in 2004 and 2012, where unforeseen circumstances or impressive performances by his opponents prevented him from winning. . Els emphasized that he gave it his all, but sometimes things don’t always go your way.

Ernie Els in 2001
Ernie Els in 2001© Ross Kinnaird/ALLSPORT/Getty Images Sports

Despite these setbacks, Ells has expressed his appreciation for winning four majors, admitting that despite the slippages, he is still very successful in his career.

Ernie Els was one of the individuals who was asked the same question. Considering his career accomplishments, young golfers could benefit from hearing some words of wisdom from him. His priority is not to strive for perfection and to know how to deal with bad days and results.

«Don’t be too hard on yourself sometimes on the golf course. We become perfectionists in our own minds. The game is not about perfection. It’s about longing, where you miss and how you deal with it.» – Els said.

Darren Clarke is always an interesting and interesting person. Clarke seemed to enjoy a lively lifestyle in his youth, often going to bed later than he needed to.

Darren Clarke
Darren Clarke© Mike Ehrman/Getty Images Sports

“You know, what advice would I give to that young man? There will be a lot more sensible things I could say, but that young man had a lot of fun on the trip. Maybe a little… maybe a few less nights. It might have been a little more successful on the golf course, but it was a fun ride. – Clark said.

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