Izabel Goulart shines in Monte Carlo, Novak Djokovic likes her pic!

Izabel Goulart shines in Monte Carlo, Novak Djokovic likes her pic!

Isabelle Goulart shines in Monte Carlo, Novak Djokovic likes her photo!

Isabel Goulart They were the guests of honor with the athletic champion Usain Bolt And he watched all of Friday’s tennis matches, from Jannik Siner vs Hubert Hurkacz to the match of the day between the world number one. Novak Djokovic And Lorenzo Musetti, a match that ended in a historic victory for Carrara.

Among the big matches of this amazing day of tennis, Russia’s Daniil Medvedev beat Alexander Zverev in the Round of 16, with plenty of exciting matches. Isabel enchanted the people of Monegasque.during the matches, she shined in a series of photos with her colleagues and the famous athletics champion.

The historic day of the tennis tournament and the woman was present at the game from the beginning to the end, impressing the people around her. He was born in In 1984 The beautiful model was chosen as one of the angels of the famous Victoria’s Secret brand and collaborated with famous stylists such as Balenciaga, Valentino, Chanel and Ralph Lauren..

Since 2016, German footballer Eintracht Frankfurt’s Kevin Trapp has been the former goalkeeper partner of Messi and Neymar of PSG. The woman has been working in this industry since the age of fourteen and is one of the leading models in the world.

Isabel Goulart and the social post

The lady shared the events of the day on social media and especially the beautiful day she spent at the principality competition. Five amazing photos for the lady and tons of likes and comments.

Among them, world number one Novak Djokovic paid tribute to the woman in Monte Carlo, the equivalent of a supermodel. However, it is not a particularly happy day for Nole compared to the protagonist of the era, the Italian tennis player Lorenzo Musetti.

Nole is still far from her best form and will work to reach it in the coming weeks, the long-awaited Roland Garros tournament, the second Grand Slam tournament of this 2023, will try to get the best. Check out the amazing social below. A post shared by teh beautiful Isabel Golaret on Instagram:

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