Greg Norman and Jon Rahm address LIV golf money rumors

Greg Norman and Jon Rahm address LIV golf money rumors

Greg Norman and Jon Rahm address LIV golf money rumors
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Greg Norman was in attendance at Abu Dhabi Golf Club last weekend for the league’s first qualifying school event, LIV Promotions. The 72-hole tournament saw three players secure spots on the circuit for 2024: Kalle Samoja, Jinichiro Kozuma and Kieran Vincent.

Although many believe that money plays a big role, Norman disagrees with such rumours. He believes that individuals who get the opportunity to work at LIV Golf have more than just money.

«Take the prize money,» said Norman, as quoted by! «That’s the reality. Go in the locker room and listen to those major champions and former world No. 1s and just be with them and understand what it takes to get to that level. It’s more than just money.» There are many ways.


John Rahm.

The new reinforcement at LIV Golf that has been talked about for days is John Rahm. The Spaniard surprised many by joining LIV Golf, and in doing so, generated quite a reaction. In an interview with The McAfee Show, Rahm emphasized that while the money is important, it’s not the main thing.

«I’m not going to belabor the question and say, obviously, the money is very, very good. I’m not going to give you the whole scoop. I still don’t play golf for the money, but as a father, as a husband, as a family man, I owe it to my family to make them as good as I can, and fortunately I have the opportunity.»

So that was a big part.»

– John Rahm said.

Just a year ago, Rahm had a different position. He rejected plans to join LIV Golf, saying he had enough money. While his passion for golf is obvious, some believe his decision to join LIV Golf was primarily driven by money.

It remains to be seen how well Rahm fares on this tour.

«Money is great, but when? [wife] Kelly and I… this first thing happened, we started talking about it and if I got $400 million, would our lifestyle change? No, it won’t change a bit.

To be honest, with the work I’ve done, I can retire now and live a very happy life and not play golf.

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