Former tennis star Sofya Zhuk thrills 2023 with super sensual pics!

Former Tennis Star Sofya Zhuk Thrills 2023 With Super Sexy Photos!

sofia zukThe young talented tennis player preferred to leave the Game, also due to serious physical problems, and dedicate herself to fashion. Sofya was a rising star of women’s tennis, in 2015 she triumphed in the Wimbledon junior singles, the second Russian in history to achieve this result.

Physical problems and a few extra distractions changed everything and Sofya began to step foot in fashion shows, thus leaving the tennis courts. At 18, Zhuk was very close to making the Top 100, she won a Challenger and there was a lot of hope for her future, some even compared her to Maria Sharapova and not just because of her achievements in her field.

Like Sharapova, Zhuk has repeatedly become known for her impressive body and on her social media, particularly her Instagram channel, she has posted really super sensual photos. Not only photos but also some videos.

Former Tennis Star Sofya Zhuk Thrills 2023 With Super Sexy Photos!

Little by little, the tennis player has been increasing her followers and not a little and currently her Instagram profile has more than 120,000 fans, who now appreciate Sofya not only for her tennis but above all for her extra-tennis skills.

At a young age, Sofya showed very interesting tennis and after winning junior Wimbledon there were high expectations about her future. A serious double injury stopped everything, just before the tennis player managed to enter the top 100 in the world.

A talent unfortunately slowed down by physical problems with Sofya who changed his passion and dedicated himself to fashion. The super photos of her are now more and more known and the photos of her drive all tennis fans crazy and not only, who cannot wait to see new photos of the former tennis player.

This is how the young woman wished her followers on Instagram a happy new year, with really incredible photos, like the one you can see in the following video:

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