Fans Mock Bouchard'S Boyfriend For Loveless Kiss Before Drake Concert (Video)

Fans mock Bouchard’s boyfriend for loveless kiss before Drake concert (VIDEO)

Fans Taunt Bouchard’s Boyfriend With Loveless Kiss Before Drake Concert (VIDEO)
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After Ginny Bouchard introduced her boyfriend Jack Brinkley Cook, the son of model Christie Brinkley, by sharing a video of her kissing her Instagram followers, the former Wimbledon finalist received some mocking comments about Jack.

«Looks like he was told to kiss his sister lol,» said a fan. «I didn’t want to say it, but it’s a curse like a loveless kiss,» responded another. «Does he look like a Goldman Sachs back office analyst who committed securities fraud?» A fan enters.

After posting on Instagram, Genie shared some Instagram stories from Drake’s concert at the Cassia Center in Miami.

Bouchard and Cook were spotted on the beach last year

This is not the first time Bouchard has been seen in public with her boyfriend. Last year, around the beginning of October, the pair were spotted looking for lunch in SoHo, New York City.

Earlier, during the summer, the duo was seen on the beach. Bouchard was previously rumored to be dating NFL quarterback Mason Rudolph. “Well, definitely, I wouldn’t want to meet someone in the tennis world because it would be a lot of tennis, I constantly feel.

On the one hand, they may relate to you more than anyone else, but on the other hand, they are like my friends. My friends are mostly outside of tennis and I like to call or phone someone and talk about completely different things than tennis because it’s tennis all day, so I feel the same applies to dating. As mentioned in sportskeeda.

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