Eugenie Bouchard will knock you out with a new micro bathing suit!

Eugenie Bouchard will knock you out with a new micro bathing suit!

Eugenie Bouchard takes you out in a new micro bathing suit!
© Eugenie Bouchard Instagram account

Eugenie Bouchard has shared a series of extremely emotional photos through her Instagram stories., in particular, she is wearing a micro bathing suit with very little spots. The beautiful Canadian tennis player shared a series of photos and videos of herself practicing water skiing, with truly amazing results.

Genie is thus able to surprise, entertain and captivate her followers once again. The former Wimbledon finalist is at the screenings days after her US Open exit, documenting her activities on Instagram to the delight of hundreds of thousands of followers who follow her daily.

Here’s a photo Bouchard shared via her Instagram Stories: Eugenie Bouchard will knock you out with a new micro

The Bouchard-Yastremska case is open in the US

Recent problems have not been eliminated. Diana Yastremska and Eugenie Bouchard faced off in a US Open qualifier and the final match was not like a traditional tennis match.

The Ukrainian player took a kind of revenge and defeated the Canadian in three sets (6-1, 4-6, 6-4). But after the match, the 23-year-old girl from Odessa did not wait and shook hands with her opponent, greeted the chair umpire and immediately headed to her bench.

While this sign may not go unnoticed, the fight is not what motivated the athlete to make the decision this time. Ginny responded to X after losing to the Ukrainians in the last edition of the Mutu Madrid Open. «There’s something special about playing with doped people in Madrid.» Also referring to the 2017 success against Maria Sharapova.

In this case, Yastremska was not charged with doping and only received a temporary suspension pending the final punishment. The Canadian deleted her comment on social media and tried to apologize: «I want to apologize for the tweet, I always support fair play, but I made an error of judgment in this case and I apologize for that.» Apparently, the Ukrainian girl did not like and was not forgiven.

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