Eugenie Bouchard Super Fan Of New York Islanders!

Eugenie Bouchard super fan of New York Islanders!

Eugenie Bouchard, the New York Islanders’ best fan!
© Eugenie Bouchard Instagram account

The beautiful Canadian tennis player Eugenie Bouchard attended the NHL match between the New York Islanders and the Philadelphia Flyers, where the New York team won the match 3-2. Ginny shared a series of photos from the match on her Facebook page, in which she wore an Islanders XL jersey with her name on the shoulders and boots, showing that no matter what she’s wearing, she’ll always be exceptionally emotional.

In one of the photos, you can see how the cameras captured Genie, who was broadcast on the stadium’s big screens and applauded by the crowd. «Girl from Long Island,» Bouchard wrote on the post. Bouchard joked with the group’s captains, Sparky the Dragon, and some fans.

And we have to underline how Genie will end the season with a big win

Bouchard and Team Canada won the Billie Jean King Trophy, beating Italy in the final thanks to impressive performances by Leylah Fernandez and Marina Stakusic.

Ginny didn’t perform in the finals, but did try to dance the Macarena with her classmates, although the dance was, according to the Canadian beauty, a skill she hadn’t developed in years. Lilah Fernandez and Marina Stakusic defeated Italy’s Jasmine Paolini and Martina Trevisan to record their team’s first historic win, following the team’s men’s Davis Cup triumph in 2022.

Ginny, who returned to racing after various injuries sidelined her for a season (starting March 2021), seems to have found her soul mate. The Montreal native recently posted a photo of her kissing her new girlfriend on the cheek and then on the mouth.

The news must have shocked her fans, who were curious and tried to figure out the identity of her boyfriend. This is Jack Brinkley-Cook, the son of American supermodel Christie Brinkley. Going back to what I said above, Bouchard joked that her dancing skills are terrible and she’s trying to make it like her teammate Gabriella Dabrowski.

Eugenie Bouchard revealed her fearsome skills before winning the BJK Cup: «I also did the macarena with Gabi, who was guiding me. I actually follow her, because I didn’t even know how to do it. she is. Right: That’s what happens when you play tennis for 20 years.

They don’t learn other skills! It was a lot of fun. These girls are very fun to be with, and we all trust each other and can relax. When I walked into the locker room this morning, everyone was in a good mood and everyone was very relaxed.

I was actually a bit surprised. It was the last day. I love the atmosphere of this team, and it gave me confidence in the girls that were going to play today.

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